About Us

Sevban has been active in the field of cybersecurity since 2012. He is especially known for his research and experience in web applications. In the old years, he has volunteered as an ethical hacker trainer and gained popularity in underground forums for his technical work. He has also participated in numerous cybersecurity conferences and advanced technical trainings. As of now, in 2023, at the age of 23, he has dedicated his life to cybersecurity, passionately loving his profession. He has technically contributed to critical cybersecurity infrastructure in many sectors in Turkey. To date, he has officially performed more than 200 penetration tests and detected zero-day critical vulnerabilities on more than 50 web applications. He is starting to publish his experiences and technical work leading up to this adventure on his new blog. In current business life, he continues to work as Pentest Team Leader at Nordis Global.

It aims to share the projects that it will develop and plan over time on this website, to develop continuously, and to provide permanence in information exchange with the surrounding community. In addition to all of them, bug bounty is actively operating on the Hacker One platform. If you want to participate in the bounty hunt together, get in touch.

The main reasons for creating a current blog site are; personal experience gained over the years, knowledge and research on certain topics and certain points that should be addressed. It is by organizing the business plan and processes, and then wanting to use it as a way to share with others. Another of its main reasons is to immortalize the work done and help people.